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By Wishtrend Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule


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The perfect solution to making your skin deeply nourished!

An effective antioxidant that strengthens your skin’s immune system!!!

This golden beauty is formulated from pure Houttuynia Cordata Extract and Zinc PCA effective in soothing skin with its antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. The Propolis Extract obtained from the Auvergene volcanic region in France contains two Polyphenols, Catechin, and Quercetin. They give a boost of antioxidants, as well as effective ingredients for the deep nourishment, golden glow and enhancement of the skin.


NOTE : Wondering when to use this product and how to best maximize its effects?
*Refer to the MB skincare regime scale on our homepage

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Recommend to:

  • All skin
  • Acne-Prone Skin
  • Sensitive skin


  • Reduces acne
  • Hydrates
  • Reduces skin sebum
  • Reduces skin pigmentation


  • Antioxidant properties
  • Reduces skin inflammation
  • Lowers heated skin temperatures
  • Has a non-oily / non- sticky texture
  • Deep skin nourishment


  1. Can be used instead of a face oil for deep hydration and instant glow, without making the skin feel sticky or greasy. 
  2. Mix 1-2 drops of it with your foundation, for the dewy effect.

Key Message

  1. Polyphenols in Propolis, New Frontier of Acne Care!
  2. Powerful antioxidant in a bottle of golden propolis for the finest skin.
  3. The all-rounder ampoule for your all-round skin problems!


  1. For external use only.
  2. Keep product out of eyes, If the product comes in direct contact with eyes immediately rinse with water to remove.
  3. Keep away from children


By Wishtrend

Additional information

Weight 102 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 2.4 × 1.5 in

4 reviews for By Wishtrend Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule

  1. Sakshi khanna

    Got Excellent results after using it. Love the texture of this ampoule. It got instantly absorbed and didn’t give any sticky feel.

  2. Drishti taneja (verified owner)

    After using this ampoule for 2 weeks my skin’s inflammation has drastically gone down and it leaves my skin hydrated.

  3. Meha Thareja (verified owner)

    It’s an awesome product for every skin type. Must try especially acne prone skin

  4. Meha Thareja (verified owner)

    It’s an awesome product for every skin type. Must try especially acne prone skin . It absorbs soo quickly.

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